Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's that, You Wanted to see Another Piece of Black Furniture??!!

Ok, Ok, I am aware that I have done a lot of black furniture lately but it is finally balancing out the white at the shop!  Plus, I had a crap ton of black paint so I figured this thrifty girl will save a few bucks and use what she's got.

My mom brought this little beauty to me one day while I was working at the shop.  Although it was pretty just the way it was, the previous owner had a dog, or cat, or hungry child, that had gnawed on one corner of it.  So I piled it into the car, unloaded it into the garage, and let it sit there for a month or so.  I have no idea why I don't just redo stuff right away. It's like I have to think about it, and let it sit there and annoy me until I finally break down and do it.  That is the HUGE procrastinator in me.  Well, a couple of big things sold at the store so in a mad dash to fill the empty space I got off my lazy tush and got to work.

I sanded those lovely bite marks off of the corners and then sprayed it... black... shocking I know.  

Then I sanded more until it was as distressed as I liked it.  You guys... for reals... this really wan't that hard.  What in the heck was I waiting for!!  I seem to think things will be harder then they actually are sometimes.  Silly me.  

Sorry for the mess under the table. I took this picture while re-arranging.  But the table sure does look cute!  

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  1. Beautiful! Paint it Black may be your new theme song.

  2. I wish I lived near you so I could come visit your space! I think it's smart that you stick to a color scheme, definitely defines your space and gives your shoppers an idea of what you'll have on hand. :)

  3. The table looks great. Good job!
    Mary Alice

  4. Looks super cute~thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!