Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Old Rusty

In the great stash of awesomeness that my mom brought over the other day was this chair.  

The metal is rusted, the red is HORRIBLE, the chair is ugly... and I LOVE it.  

I am pretty sure it used to be in a crappy hamburger joint or retro breakfast place.  The rust was perfect, the red vinyl was NOT.  So I decided to cover it in this sweet burlap my mom brought me.

Hint:  You can get these cool burlap bags at Murdochs... they are practically GIVING them away!

Covering a circle is much harder then a square it turns out... but I fought through it and got this amazing result.  I love it!

So much better then the old red vinyl, right?!  Now it is rusty and rustic:)  


  1. Looks great! We had very similar chairs in our first condo kitchen, only with metal seats. Love the shape.

  2. It looks so cool! I liked the color of the original red seat, but vinyl is so icky.

  3. Definitely way better. I wish I knew where to find burlap sacks for cheap, we definitely don't have one of those stores near us!

  4. You are so creative. I never cease to be amazed! Gotta run. Still tax season.

  5. Love the choice of burlap!!! Great job and what a cool chair