Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Fun Come Early!

My best friend Heather decided to have a little Easter get together for the kiddos.  I have always wanted to be that perfect party thrower... but I am SO not.  I try but Heather succeeds.  She had a whole bunch of pinterest inspired snacks and crafts.  It was so much fun to let the kids get wild with paint, shaving cream, and Easter egg dye.

She had these foam eggs that the kids painted with shaving cream and paint.  Luci LOVED it!  Skylar (the dog) did not.

(sorry Sky)

Yep, that is paint on the poor dog's butt... she puts up with a lot:)  Such a good girl!

Next up on the list of fun was dying Easter eggs.  I guess if you write on the egg with a white crayon before you dye them it blocks the dye from that spot.  I bet EVERYONE already knows that but it was news to me haha.  At least I learned about it now before Luci is too old.  

She also had egg salad sandwiches, bunny gummies, and carrots for lunch.  Such a cute little theme party.  Thanks Heather!!  What are you guys doing for Easter?  I am sure you all have some awesome crafts in mind!

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  1. What fun!
    It will be a quiet Easter here. I'll be tagging up with grandkids after the end of tax season, which is now only 14 days away!