Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Dented Lampshade as of Late

So, now that I have gotten over my fear of showing off the shop on my blog I wanted to give you all a little peak into some fun new updates at the store.  I love rearranging and since we are constantly turning over furniture I get to rearrange on a monthly, sometimes weekly basis.  You will probably see some pieces you recognize:)

Isn't this vintage chalk board to die for!  I almost kept it for myself:)

I bet you recognize this beauty:)

This table is my very first furniture redo ever!  Seriously people... the first.  My friend Rachelle (and old partner in my space) did it a few years ago.  When I moved out of my house in Buena Vista I held on to it in hopes that I would find a perfect spot for it.  Sadly, 2 houses later, it still has no place so I brought it to the store.  The coolest part is that it has a really thick coating on the top.  Someday I will do a tutorial on how to do this.  It was surprisingly easy!

Does anyone need a mustache necklace???  LOVE them!

Chicken wire earring display.  Such a fun way to display jewelry!

So that's it.  A little peak into my happy place:)  Hope you all enjoyed!  Happy hump day.


  1. Looks great! I am definitely coming to check it out in person when I'm visiting Nicci in June.

  2. Ok, I love that yellow bag. Is it a bowling bag? A purse? Oh, and your shop looks great too LOL! Some very fun stuff!! I can see why there's a good turnover.

  3. I was actually just on your FB page and looking at your pictures! I really like that pie safe in the background, what I'd do for one of those! Maybe someday I'll find one myself, whoever gets it is lucky!