Monday, April 23, 2012

Chalk Board Flower Pots

It is SPRING!!! Ok, it did snow here last week, but that's not all that uncommon for us here in Colorado.  I thought it would be fun to transform some of those old flower pots laying around into something pretty and fun!

  I still have a little bit of chalkboard paint left so I figured... why not!

Then I just added a little "Traci" touch, and viola!

They make me feel like spring is really here!!  Our lilacs are blooming, and the dandelions are trying to take over our lawn.  Guess that's a fight I will have to battle another day.  Happy Spring everyone!


  1. Super cute and so easy and fun! They would look great outside on a porch or a deck railing.

  2. omg, same thing here. the dandlions have invaded. and only our lawn. but at least it's a pop of yellow. and our lilacs are blooming 4 weeks early. never seend anything like it Traci!

  3. Too cute! My lilacs are still in bloom, too. Love the color and scent.

  4. These are perfect! Love those roses. Don't forget to link these and any other projects up to our Pinteresting party this week!