Monday, January 30, 2012

Love Birds

Hey there peeps! Since I have been back from the Bahamas I have been on super craft mode to try and catch up from a week off. Gotta keep the store stocked after all:) This was a simple little craft I did that I thought would be a cute valentine's day gift. They are my burlap love birds... and they sort of make me happy:)

What is everyone else making for V-Day??  I have seen some really cute projects out there in blog land.  Doubt I will have time to do any of them, but they are fun to follow!

Hope you all have a happy Monday.


  1. Those are cute! They'd make a really cute addition to a hanging mobile over a crib!

  2. Very cute! And I agree with Sarah- they would make a great mobile!

  3. Love your little love birds!
    I've been making Valentine bibs, and I'm hoping to finish some
    Valentine-themed little zippy bags (Dumpling pattern by Keyka Lou)
    to take to the consignment shop before Saturday.