Monday, January 2, 2012

HGTV Estate Sale

Yep, you read it right!  So, I know I have been sharing a lot about my store at The Barn and the projects I have been doing to keep it filled, but today I have a special little treat.  In case you guys didn't know, not only am I loving having my store at The Barn but I am LOVING my new job with Prestige Estate Services.  I have a few sales under my belt now... and let's be honest, each one is unique in it's own way.  I think that is why it's so fun, you never do the same thing twice!  Well, this week's sale is by far my favorite and I don't think anything will ever beat it.  

Let me explain.  HGTV has donated TONS of brand new, seriously NICE furniture and home decor to Rebuild Denver (a non-profit organization committed to rebuilding Denver).  So, my job last week was to help stage and price all of this gorgeous stuff!  Seriously people, I can't imagine anything more fun.  It has taken everything in me (and the fact that my bank account wouldn't allow it) not to buy it all up for myself! 

The sale will be this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.  If you check out Prestige Estate Services  you can get the address on Wednesday before the sale. I can assure you, if you decide to stop by you will NOT be disappointed!  

And now it's time for the good stuff... want a sneak peak at some of the goods???  Do I even have to ask??? Drum roll please....

Wow!  That was a lot of pictures, but that doesn't even cover half of the cool stuff.  Check out Prestige Estate Services for even more pictures!  I guess it is safe to say that I LOVE my new job.  2012 seems to be off to a fan-frigen-tastic start wouldn't you say??!!  Hope to see you all on Thursday.

P.S.  If you want updates on all of our cool sales Like Prestige Estate Services on facebook and you will get the inside scoop!  Also, after they get 500 likes they will be giving away a free IPad to a random winner!  So go like them... please:)


  1. traci, love that wheeling basket@!! too cool. and that table with the plastic stools. if only i was closer :) happy new year

  2. Love the grays! And I LOVE that chest of drawers. How fun!

  3. You are so lucky to have such a cool job! I'm so jealous!

  4. Wow! Great job staging! You have been BUSY!
    Good luck on Thursday.

    I now "Like" Prestige Estate Services on FB.