Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thrifting Ninja


Mandi over at Vintage Revivals recently did a post on the Top 5 Thrift Shop Must Haves and I had to laugh.  Although, I don't quite consider myself a thrifting ninja I would say I at least have my brown belt.  You should check out this post she did on thrifting.  Love it.  Just in case you are wondering my top 5 are as follows:

1: Chairs
2: Mirrors
3: Baskets
4: Side Tables
5: Random crap that makes me smile

If thrifting was an art Mandi would be Picasso.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Hmm, I think my number 1 would be chairs too, after that I'm not sure. But side tables would be on my list as well, and milk glass, I have a hard time passing that stuff up!

  2. This post (and Mandi's) makes me want to go out and buy some random stuff. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. i have found some great china, even extra plates for my gram's set that is now mine. for a buck each. gotta love that!

    and yes to the random. it's a must when thrifting!

  4. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Ok, you need to do a post on your favorite places to thrift! If not exact stores, then just types of stores/places. :) :)