Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bahama Mama

Love me some Bahamas. I spent the last week in Hope Town with my hubs, Luci, my parents, my sister, her husband, and her little lady. Other then some bad weather at first and a seriously long flight with a 15 month old... have you ever flown with a 15 month old????... the trip was perfect.  I will spare you all the silly stories and just show you what you all missed out on... try not to be too jealous:)

Amazing!  Other then almost getting washed out to sea... seriously, no joke, washed out with the tide, and rescued by a nice man and his girlfriend... and a small fight with some coral that I definitively lost, the trip was a well needed break from reality.  We had no cell service and no internet service, so this week was all about time with family.  I didn't even touch a blow dryer, hair straightener or one bit of mascara.  I even found time to nap in a hammock.  Sigh, back to reality.  


  1. Beautiful! I'm so jealous. I know y'all had a wonderful time. Let's make the next family trip one to Texas... :)

  2. Luckyyyy! It looks amazingly refreshing.

  3. Glad you enjoyed your week of R&R. Quality family time and fun in the sun -- priceless!

  4. oh no! rip tide?!!!!

    if you ever get stuck like that again, swim paralell to shore. the rip tide is usually in a long spot running away way from shore- almost like a tunnel of tide. if you swim paralell to shore instead of trying to swim in, you can usually get out of it and 'then' swim towards shore. can you tell i grew up at the beach?

    thank goodness for the nice people who came to your rescue.

    looks fab. love that shot of lr in the tidepool.

  5. Holy thunder thigh Stella! She's adorable! Lol. Love the pic of luci and daddy walking down the beach:) glad you're alive buddy!!! And also über jealous that you got some sun!! (isn't cool that my phone put those little dotty things over the u?)