Friday, January 6, 2012

My Resolution

Every year I set goals for myself.  I set personal, financial, and career goals.  Well, this year is different.  I still have goals.  I mean, I want to see The Dented Lampshade be wildly successful, I want to help grow Prestige Estate Services and show everyone what an amazing company it really is, I want to win the lotto.

I tend to push towards those goals all the time regardless of whether or not I write them down.  So, I'm not really worried about those, they will work themselves out because I work hard.  Nope, my goal is a little different.  I spend so much of my free time working on my career goals that I forget to work on the most important things.

1: My God
2: My Family
3: Myself

These are my goals (or resolutions if you will).

1:  I want to spend more time with God.  I used to pray all the time... Now, I am lucky to give God a quick high five on my way out the door, with my hair on fire and my head spinning.  I want to sit down and actually give him the time He deserves.  After all, He did give me all of the amazing things I hold so close to my heart.  I have started with this... I give Luci a bottle 2 times a day.  This usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes and it is about the only time she will sit still and relax in my lap.  I am going to use these two times a day to pray.  Usually my mind is in a race.  I am planning my next project, or making lists in my head and before I know it, the bottle is empty and I didn't even enjoy the quiet time with my baby.  Now, I am going to quiet my mind for just those few minutes and actually enjoy feeding my baby and spending time with my savior.  I feel like the two should really go together:)  I know 20 minutes a day isn't enough but it will start me down a road that I know will grow.

2:  I tend to use my free time, ie: the weekends, evenings, and Mondays (I have them off) working.  I mean, I am checking emails, working on projects, etc.  This does not qualify as time off!  I am going to FORCE myself, and yes I will actually have to force myself, to really stop.  Stop planning, stop working, and enjoy.  I am going to roll around on the floor with my little girl more often.  When she stands at the door and points to the sky and says "moon" in excitement, I am going to bundle her up and go out there and talk about the moon with her.  When she goes to bed at night, I am no longer going to rush downstairs and get my sewing machine, or paint gun out.  I am going to sit and be with my husband for an hour.  I am going to chat with him and snuggle.  Too often, I spend our chat times with a hot glue gun in my hand.

We are each going to have weekly dates.  Luci and I are going to have a mommy daughter date on Mondays.  We are going to do something I know she likes every time with no other agenda.  This can be playing outside together, walking around the neighborhood, reading her favorite books, going to the zoo, just as long as it is all about Luci for at least a few hours.  I am going to have a date with my husband every week.  Even if it is a candle light dinner over pizza.  It doesn't have to be fancy, just time spent together.  I am also going to encourage Kyle to have a daddy daughter date once a week.  I'm sure he will love that:)

3:  And finally goal number three, and for me the hardest thing to make time for is my self.  If I don't schedule it out, I won't take it.  So here it is.  On Mondays, during Luci's nap time, instead of cleaning, crafting, making phone calls, answering emails, you get the idea, I am going to do something I want to do.  I am going to read, or paint my toenails, or just sit and stare at the wall.  I am just going to take those few hours each Monday, while I have the house to myself and just enjoy it.

I know it sounds crazy that I have to plan like this.  But for me, if I don't plan, it won't happen.

So there you have it.  Those are my goals for 2012.

My friend Amanda put this quote on her facebook the other day and I really took it to heart.  So this sums it up:

"The romance of life is lost through speed and efficiency."

Hope you all have a very blessed 2012!!


  1. Fantastic goals. I really like your idea for finding time to pray and I bet you and your daughter will keep praying together for years to come. What a great way to start a positive faith-filled practice for your self and so importantly for her.

  2. I say that's an ambitious list, just given the fact that it can be hard to turn off work. I think they are great plans, though, and I hope you tell us how it goes. I should have some of those same goals on my list! :)

  3. Wonderful goals! You will treasure those mommy-daughter dates, I'm sure.

    You are well on your way to achieving a work/life balance. I got sucked into the work vortex too often when my kids were little -- and I can never get that time back.

    Even now, I'm seriously considering quitting one of my 2 "regular" jobs as of Jan.27. I typed out the resignation letter last night (several versions), and my hubby is 100% in favor of it, but it's a bit scary. You are an inspiration.

  4. Okay....seriously.....did you read my mind? I am hosting an "impossiblities" challenge over at my blog today and I would love, love, love it if you joined with these goals. They are absolutely spot-on!