Monday, August 1, 2011

Winter Park or Bust

It seems that most... ok... ALL of my posts lately have revolved around birthdays, but lets face it, the people I love just keep getting older!  This weekend was my sister-in-law, Erin's birthday.  To celebrate in true Remley fashion my two sis-in-laws and I rented a condo in Winter Park. 

You would think we did this to enjoy the fresh mountain air, to hike the pristine trails, or to go screaming down the alpine slides.  Although all of those would have been so much fun, the reason we rented a condo in winter park was to scrapbook/craft.  That's right, an entire weekend of uninterrupted crafting.  No kids and no boys allowed :)  The men folk took the kiddos for the weekend and we did what we do best!  Eat, drink, hot tub, and CRAFT!!   Within one hour of arriving, the condo went from clean and organized to this:
I was bursting with project ideas!  I dusted off the old hot glue gun and got to work.  Here are a few of the MANY projects I got done.

 The banners I made for Luci Rae's one year birthday coming up in October:)  LOVE how they turned out!

 My new pillow case (to go with my navy side table I made this summer) and clipboard.  I want to make 2 more of these in fun colors to hang in my new office so we can organize our bills... did I mention that we are supposed to close on our new house in exactly 15 days???  Can you feel my excitement???

My friend Heather had made me the L for Luci's room last year and I decided I wanted to add some spice:)  So here is the final product!  It will hang on her door in her new room... in 15 days that is.

And finally what took up most of my time:

Luci's bird mobile!!!!  It has been broken for about 5 months now, basically half her life haha, and I finally got around to fixing it:)  Her new room is going to be so cute! 

When you are a mother, sister, daughter, wife, housekeeper, chef (not a very good one at that), and of course insurance agent, time seems to get away from you.  This weekend I was able to take off all of my other hats and put on my crafting hat.  It is a rare and precious thing when we are given the gift of time!!

So basically Erin's birthday turned out to be one of the best gifts I have ever received! 

Just so you all can get a good laugh before I sign off here are some hilarious pictures.  I set my camera on self timer mode so that we could capture a "candid" picture of what our weekend looked like:

So cute and poised huh:)  Well, what I didn't realize is that I had also set my camera to take multiple pics in a row... So after this beautiful, composed picture was taken the flash just kept going...

and going...

and going...

So that first picture of a composed, well put together trio was false... the last three are what the weekend really looked like! 
Guess your true self always comes out one way or another!  Cheers!


  1. What fun!! I love crafting with the girls:) Everything turned out great! I especially love the rosette necklaces.

  2. Thanks! I love them too:) They are some of my favorites!

  3. i love love love the frame with the L, and the little touches you added. makes me wish i had a girl..not sure that would go in my boys rooms...

  4. Yeah the L frame is one of my favorites! I have seen some really cute sports themed stuff for boys rooms. Or camo or camping. I have a friend who did a whole camping scene on her sons door and it turned out really cute. I do have to admit that decorating for a girls seems easier:)

  5. Wow! Love the pillow and the bird mobile. Good luck with the upcoming move.

  6. Read your comment on my blog. Fremont, NE!! Home of AccuQuilt and a terrific little quilt shop!! That's just a hop, skip and a jump from Lincoln! Small world.

  7. I love the frame with the L, you have so many lovely things.
    The mobile and banner are beautiful too.

  8. Your blog is really beautiful. would you want to “craft from the sidelines”?