Monday, August 29, 2011

I Heart The Beatles

This Friday night Kyle and I took a break from moving, cleaning, moving, house repairs, oh, and moving to have a little fun.  Ever since I was little The Beatles have held a special place in my heart.  Growing up, both of my parents were fans.  My dad would play tons of their songs on the guitar and we would all sing along (not as cheesy as it sounds I promise:).  These are some of my favorite memories growing up.  My dad and I even danced to "In My Life" at my wedding.  The first song I ever learned to play on the guitar was "Yellow Submarine," mostly because it was easy and I suck haha, but also because I like it.  So, when we saw there was going to be a Beatles tribute band playing at Red Rocks (hands down the world's best venue) on Friday Kyle and I decided to get tickets for the four of us.  It was so fun, my only complaint was they only played the early years so I didn't get to hear some of my favorite songs.  "Blackbird" and "All You Need is Love" are probably my two favorites.  All in all the night was a blast.  It even ended with a little karaoke fun... My mom and I got suckered into singing "Hey Jude" at a karaoke bar after the concert... it was not pretty... I will not be posting the video. 

On a side note, I don't know if there is a person in this world who sucks at being photographed more then my husband.  I think he does it on purpose but he claims he is just that bad/awkward.  I wanted a nice picture of us at Red Rocks and this is what I got...

So after three failed attempts and laughing until I cried, I settled for this...

Also, our basement bathroom is almost done with its face lift so I will be posting pics soon!!  It should be done by Friday (if we don't procrastinate like we usually do:)


  1. I think husbands take bad pictures on purpose. They don't understand how much it really means to us. I can't stand it! You are not alone. At least you look cute in them all.

  2. Sounds like a great escape. I love the Beatles, too, and Blackbird is one my favorites -- along with Let It Be and Hey Jude and All the Lonely People....and....

  3. Robin does it too...You're not alone.