Thursday, August 4, 2011

War in our house

My friend Leslie recently wrote a blog about some funny marital advise.  She basically said that instead of getting mad at the little things (leaving the honey on the counter, clothes left on the floor, etc) she makes a fun game out of it.  Well, I thought, this could be FUN!  So I started. 

Kyle always leaves his dirty clothes everywhere.  So I started placing them like a person in funny spots.  His undies and a t shirt on the toilet like someone was sitting there, his work clothes on the bed like he is laying down.  This was fun at first but it did not get my point across, which was of course to get him to put his dirty clothes in the laundry basket.  So, I started more.  In the evenings he lays out his work clothes for the next day.  I took his dirty socks that he had left on the floor and put one in each pocket.  He has at least 3 pairs of shoes out at one time... no idea why... one of the many mysteries that is my husband.  Well, I started by having Luci's giant chicken wear them.  When that went unnoticed I started hiding one and putting the other away.  My favorite was one in the freezer:)  Well, finally he cracked.  Instead of getting mad he got even! 

He decided to take ALL of my tank tops, still on hangers, and put them on my side of the bed.  When I explained to him that my antics were all to make a point and his were just to be a brat he responded with this... "I AM making a point, my point is that you trying to condition me will NEVER work".  Well, our competitive nature has taken over and now we are in full on war.  It is hysterical and FUN!  The other day I spent the entire day looking for the remote (of course I told him I found it right away as to not loose face). He of course had put it on the highest shelf possible, we short people don't tend to look above eye level very often.  There are no more points to be made just a war to be WON!  So, if anyone out there has any great ideas I am all ears.  No mean pranks, just funny subtle ones please:)  I am thinking of collecting every single pop can he leaves in his car over the next month and building a HUGE tower somewhere.  What do you all think?


  1. I think Kyle is correct-we can never condition men, so you should just have fun with it!!

  2. Yes--definitely make the pop can tower.
    Shoe in the freezer? Cold feet?

  3. haha I figured his left foot would feel nice and cool in this summer heat!

  4. I heard of someone first threatened her husband to throw away all the cloths left on the floor....and after she really threw away his fav bluegeans, he started to put them where they're supposed to be.
    I woldn't throw away my man's clothes...
    But...a thought on what some would do :)