Thursday, August 25, 2011

Printable LOVE!

Proverbs 31:25

My inspiration for the day.  Love this printable and her shop is so great. 

Sometimes you need a little inspiration to get you through the day.  I think I might have to get a few of these to put around my house while we are renovating.  Just a little something to remind me not to run out of the house screaming on the days that seem to not be going my way.  (running down the street screaming probably wouldn't impress the new neighbors:)

My mind has been filled with dreams of old crappy rooms to pretty up.  The possibilities are endless and I just can't wait to start.  This weekend we will be re-doing the basement bathroom.  What do you think of this one framed in my new bathroom....

BAHAHAHA I crack myself up!

I will keep you all updated on our renovation adventures:)


  1. You're right we do need a little inspiration each day! I'm slowly recoving from a brutal accident this spring riding my bike to my studio. Thank goodness for blogs like yours to get me through and have a little laugh.

  2. just found this one traci, love that proverb. beautiful.