Monday, August 8, 2011

Flash Mob... CHECK... Bucket List Complete

Have you ever seen that commercial (I think it is for T-Mobile or Sprint or something) where the guy doesn't get the message in time that the flash mob starts at 1230 so he starts dancing too early?  Well, it is one of my husband's FAVORITE commercials.  He laughs so hard when the guy yells "WE ARE!"  Anyway, as we were sitting there cracking up watching this one day it hit me.  I am adding flash mob to my bucket list!

I have been meaning to start my bucket list for some time now but I just can't figure out exactly what I want on it.  I am pretty adventurous so I have already completed many of the typical things one would put on their bucket list:

Bungee Jump:  Check
Surf:  Check
Scuba Dive:  Check
Climb a 14er: Check
Sky Dive:  Check...... That one didn't go so well... Lets just say I am now referred to as the "Vomit Commit."

So when I saw this commercial I knew I had a winner.  And because God has the best sense of humor, not even a week later, out of the clear blue, my best friend Heather asked me if I wanted to do one.  Of course I saw this as Divine intervention and went about learning the dance to Lady Gaga "Born This Way."  Well, this Saturday we gathered up our husbands, babies, and even my cousin and headed down town.  Our group was running late and we almost missed it but we sprinted up about three 8 counts into the dance and joined in the almost 200 person flash mob in front of Coors Field.  I laughed hysterically the entire time, probably missed half the moves but when it was over I was ecstatic!  If you are friends with me on Facebook you can see the video my cousin took.  Kyle was supposed to take the pictures but he was in the back of the pack so unfortunately this is the only one he got. 

I am in the white t-shirt on the bottom right and Heather is in the black jersey with the number 2. 

As you can see we were very proud of ourselves!!

So now that my bucket list is complete, I will need to brainstorm some new awesome ideas to add to it!  Of course win the Lotto is on there but that one might take some time.  I am just waiting for the light bulb to go off in my head once again so I can start the next ridiculous task we decide to do.  Any suggestions??

And totally unrelated to this topic I just couldn't go without showing you these ADORABLE pics of Luci Rae!!  They are just too cute not to share.

"I love my daddy:)"

Helping Grandpa play the guitar.  She LOVES when he plays for her :)

And just a quick update on my Sis and that baby in her belly.  She is officially 2 days past her due date and if Stella doesn't make her appearance before Thursday Shena will be induced!!!!  I fly out Wednesday so stay tuned for more updates!

OK that's all for now! 


  1. How fun is that! I am definitely adding that to my bucket list. Suggestions (or at least items on mine that you haven't listed)....vacation in a bungalow over the ocean with a glass bottom floor....sail somewhere exotic....write a book....

  2. I would love to do this! How did you find out about the flash mob to be in it??

  3. Jessica- LOVE the bungalow idea!!! That would be an amazing anniversary at some point.

    Elizabeth, My best friend "liked" the Denver Flash Mob on Facebook and they send her updates now. I bet if you googled flash mobs in your area there is something similar. You just learn the dance on You Tube and then meet up at the time they tell you!