Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DIY Dry Erase Boards

I bet you all thought I had gotten lazy on you.  That I haven't done any projects lately... just been kicking back and taking in the summer sun. Well, you would be right... mostly:)  But here is a little something for your viewing pleasure. 

I recently had to ask my best friend Heather for a VERY last minute favor.  I needed her to watch my dog for a few nights and I felt really bad for springing it on her at the last minute. I wanted to give her something special and unique to say thank you for being such a crazy, forgetful person.  This particular friend of mine is super organized and LOVES lists.  I mean the girl keeps a list for literally everything.  She loves to check things off.  It's almost like a sick addiction... Love you girl but its true!

I came up with the perfect gift for just such a special lady.  I started with a list... Shocking I know.  I made a list of chores.  I actually found a blog that had a free download of a cleaning list.  Thought it was brilliant!  So I put this list into a word document and prettied it up.  I also added a blank chart at the bottom so she could add in her own chores.

Then it was off to Goodwill to find the perfect frame.  I, of course, found two awesome frames so I decided I should probably make two.

I busted out my handy dandy spray paint and got right to work.  (of course take the glass out first)  Then I just put the glass and list back in and viola, a dry erase board chore list!  You can write with dry erase markers on glass, so now Heather can check things off to her hearts content, then erase and start over the next week.


So if you have that very special, slightly OCD friend in your life this was a SUPER easy, super fast way to say thank you!!!  Plus it looks so cute on the wall, like a functional little piece of art.

Oh yeah and Heather... THANK YOU!!  Skylar had a wonderful time at your house:) 

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