Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to take a break from DIYing and show you all how awesome our Christmas was:)  It was so fun waking up Christmas morning and opening presents with Luci.  She still doesn't quite get the idea but it was fun to play with all the toys!

Playing angry birds with daddy for the first time.  So funny.

This hat is something my dad got my mom many years ago.  It has been a running joke in our family for some time now.  I mean, who would honestly wear that ugly thing.  Haha, it was a good thought but seriously dad... fail. (if you can't tell, it is the world's ugliest trucker hat and he had a picture of my sister and I printed on it.  He also chose the worst picture of us EVER.  Our hair is a mess and I'm not sure we even brushed our teeth that morning!)  As bad of a gift as it was, we have kept it around all these years just to get a good laugh.

Don't judge my awesome hair... I did not get ready before opening presents.

These are the amazing pictures my dad had printed on canvas and then he built these custom frames.  These are actually pictures my mom has taken over the years of our horses.  It was such a personal gift and they turned out so pretty!  You did not fail this time dad.  Good job.  This almost makes up for the horrible hat.

A little family picture in front of the tree.

While the boys were cooking breakfast burritos Grandma and I went outside to try out Luci's new sled!

So cute!  Not so sure about the snow yet.

All our babies together!

We spent Christmas Eve with Kyle's family.  This is Kaleb and AJ opening presents.  They are so stinkin cute!  They even did a little Christmas play for us.  It was the story of Jesus' birth told from the animal's perspective.  AJ was a mouse, Bryce (not in this picture) was a cat, Carsyn (also not in this picture) was a grumpy ox and Kaleb played baby Jesus.  I wish I had it on video, but I'm sure you can imagine how cute it was. 

Luci loved Aunt Sara's necklace.  She just kept saying "pitty!"  It was a fantastic night. 

All in all, it was a perfect Christmas.  We got to spend it with both of our families, had great presents, even better food, and tons of fun.  It doesn't get much better then that.  I hope you all had a very merry Christmas as well!


  1. Luci's hat in the pictures where you guys are playing in the snow is so cute! Esp. with those rosie cheeks. And I had to laugh at the dog digging in the snow in the background, that is exactly like my dogs, lol. Are all three dogs yours? They're cuties. :)

  2. Oh my God, how cute is Luci Rae? I don't even know if I can comment on anything else because her face is just too adorable.

  3. Awww! So glad you had a happy Christmas. I just love that picture of adorable little Luci all bundled up with her sled.
    Happy New Year!