Monday, December 5, 2011

Check out these Balls

Get your head out of the gutter, I mean Christmas Balls!  Warning:  I am going to use the word "balls" a lot during this post, and yes, I giggled like a 12 year old every time...hehe.

I got a package of 12 Christmas balls from Hobby Lobby (half off of course) for $4... SCORE!  Here's what I did:

 I filled some with rope, I am loving rope projects lately, the texture is just so pretty.

I filled some with twine (so easy and pretty).

Then I filled the rest with ripped up book pages and glitter!  Don't hate me for defacing a book.  We all have that crappy book laying around that we are never going to read.  You know, with Fabio on the cover or something ridiculous. I didn't rip up the Bible or anything, sheesh :)  I have seen it done with sheet music s as well, but I didn't have any sheet music (at least not any I wanted to rip up) and I did have a crappy book.

Christmas is in full force at our house!  I even got all the presents I ordered online already!!!  Just have to wrap them and display them under our tree:)

P.S.  You can see my reflection in the silver balls haha.


  1. I love your balls! (Heeheehee) All of them look fabulous :)

  2. Excuse my audible snort at your title. I think sometimes I am a 12-year-old boy. Love the balls- they will give everything a rustic look, which I love.

  3. Fun post i like the texture you can see. I also loved the "balls"

  4. Wow, those are awesome. Andrew and I both agree!! Good job! (P.S. He keeps repeating over and over for me to say "nice balls". So, there you go. :)