Friday, September 16, 2011

War... ROUND 2!

Meet Spanky, the no armed wonder.

He did not start off with no arms but due to a tragic fall off the refrigerator he has lost both of his arms.

Spanky came to us via my mom.  In her ever supportive roll in my Etsy shop (many of the items were found by her... she is a FANTASTIC treasure hunter/thrifter, must be in the genes) she brought me this little gem.  She said he was "nautical" and that someone would LOVE him. 

I had my doubts. 

 He sat on my window sill for a while, then on my fridge while I was deciding if he was awesome enough to make a debut in my shop.  Well, that's when it happened.  My mom was not aware that he was sitting so politely, feet dangling off the edge, perched atop our lovely refrigerator.  She slammed the door (after a snack perusing) and bam.  It was lights out for Spanky. 

I don't know why, but I just can't seem to get rid of him now.  Something about him says, I am ugly but please don't throw me away.  So back to the window sill he went... and there he stays looking at me with his no arms and sad eyes.  I think I will keep him... sorry hubby:( 

Anyway, I found one of his arms a few days later in my flower pot.  It was sitting next to the fridge at the time of the accident and the arm must have flown into it as it was ripped from poor Spanky's shoulder.  If I had found the other arm I may have tried to perform surgery and reattach but alas there was no other arm.  I figured if Spanky couldn't have both arms he would have no arms at all.  Kyle keeps asking me if we can throw him away and I keep avoiding the subject.  The answer is no.  No we cannot throw him away. 

Well, now what does one do with this random arm?  Throw it in the trash?  NO WAY, not with Spanky watching me!  That would just be cruel.  So in true Remley fashion I got creepy.  As a joke I slipped the creepy little arm into Kyle's back pocket one day while we were working on the house, and this began round 2 of the war.  You can see round 1 HERENext, Kyle put the arm in the medicine cabinet next to my toothbrush, I followed with packing it in Kyle's suitcase on his business trip to California.  Then there was nothing for a week or so.  I thought the game was finished... I was wrong.  As I crawled into bed last night and pulled back the covers I jumped.  There it was sitting on my pillow all creepy like. 

Well played my dear, well played. 

I packed it in Kyle's lunch this morning and that is where we are today.  I think I might mail it to a friend anonymously as a Halloween joke...



  1. Chuckling over your friendly "wars."

  2. I will keep you all posted on the turn out... I am a little scared lol!