Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monogrammed Side Table

In the chaos of our house I decided to take an hour and work on something that I could ACTUALLY FINISH that day.  With wood floors, tiling, painting, etc. I get discouraged.  I am an instant gratification sort of lady.  Probably because I am a product of a microwave society but that is an entirely different discussion.  I love seeing our house come together but it just goes so slow!!  This is why I love spray paint.  In one hour I can take something ugly and make it pretty.  While our wood floors are taking weeks, our bathroom still remains "almost" finished, and I won't even get started on the paint.  Lets just say we have repainted one wall in our kitchen 3 times and we STILL aren't happy!  So, here she is.  Luci Rae's new monogrammed side table.

My mom found this ugly side table at a thrift store years ago.  We have hauled it from house to house with no idea what to do with it.  I just couldn't throw it away though.  I knew it had potential, just not sure how much lol.  Don't judge my dead lawn... just another thing on the LONG to do list at our house.  I promise next summer it will be green, but today that is what it is.

So I took it out, dusted it off... it had collected A LOT of dust... sanded it down and got to painting.

I chose this heirloom white which I LOVE.  It is so much softer then a bright white.

After I painted it, I really liked it but it just seemed so plain.  I wanted to add a subtle touch, so I got out my bright white paint and free hand painted this cursive L on the top.

I love how the two whites look together and that the L isn't very obvious.

Notice the unfinished wood floors:)  Anyway, here she is in all her glory.  Well, I proudly marched her upstairs to put in Luci's room.  Then I realized it was WAY to big for the room.  LOL.  So now we have a beautiful side table for our basement.  Oh well, I tried.  What's the old saying... "Measure twice, cut once."  I guess that applies to furniture placement as well.  Lesson learned.  Still love the table though:)


  1. Followed you from Etsy Blogs. What a nice side table! I love breathing new life into old things!

  2. You certainly made some positive changes to that little table. Looks great especially with the monnogram.