Monday, September 19, 2011

DIY Cake stand and a little TMI about Luci Rae!

My baby is growing up... This makes me so happy and so sad all at the same time.  In just 3 short weeks little miss Luci Rae will be turning 1.  How is this possible?????  In order to keep from crying and begging her to stay little I am putting my energy into, what else... crafting.  I know you are all SHOCKED. 

I was telling my BFF the other day that I should have named this blog "while you were sleeping" because that is when I get all of this done, while Luci Rae is napping.  Getting ANYTHING done while she is awake would take a person with 6 arms and 3 sets of eyes.  My kid is nuts... in a good way of course:)  She is very "energetic" as my pediatrician so kindly puts it.  She is crawling, almost walking, and eats everything in sight.  I swear I could have just swept and mopped and vacuumed for hours and she will still find the one tiny speck that I missed and eat it.  (I found a piece of grass in her diaper the other day... processed that is... don't judge, the kid is faster then you could imagine!) 

Any WHO, In preparation for Luci's birthday I wanted to have a cake stand.  Why you ask?? I have no idea, just wanted one.  I decided that I would make one, cause that is what I do.  Well, I went to the local thrift store and started looking.  I had seen a few blogs out there in blog land where they used candle sticks for the base.  I thought what the heck.  This is what I found:

I have absolutely no idea what that pillar thing is supposed to be for... maybe a candle, but there is no hole for the candle to go in.  Either way I thought it would be perfect.  Then I found this circle.  It had little notches on the back to hang it on a wall... if anyone can tell me why you would hang a wooden circle on the wall that would be great.  This makes no sense, but it was the perfect size for the tray:)  I just used my husbands handy dandy screw gun... he wasn't home and I think he was slightly afraid.  I just screwed the circle into the pillar and sprayed it with this fun aqua.  And viola... my new/old cake stand!

I found the little dome at a thrift store as well... I know you are all shocked again!

I think Luci's cake will look great in it... now I just need to figure out how to bake a cake:) 

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  1. This cracked me up. If you think your one-year-old is active, wait until she's two. Oy. The cake stand came out great!! I can't believe you found all that stuff at the thrift store.

  2. Gorgeous! I wish I could find a glass cover like that at a thrift shop!

    And girls, talk to me when they're's a whole different kind of tired...

  3. Yeah the glass cover was an awesome find! I had been looking for one for about a month so I was pretty excited to find it!

    hahaha 2 and 16 both sound scary!! I will ease into slowly I think lol!

  4. I miss that little girl:) The cake stand is awesome! Love the color. Miss you friend.

  5. I miss you too girl!! No one to thrift/craft with:( I think I need you to move to Littleton please:)

  6. What color/brand spray paint did you use. The only aqua I have found is a bit too blue for me.

  7. I have been using RustOleum aqua lately. I am really liking it. Always in Gloss too.