Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pallet Art

I love creating new things but sometimes you just don't have the time or cash flow to do everything you want.  I wander through the isles of Home Depot drooling over all of the cool things I can't afford.  But what fun would it be if you could just buy whatever you wanted?  Where would the creativity come into play, and what kind of pride would you have when you were finished??  So I am proud to display my 100% FREE art piece that took less then 1 hour... or in my world, half of one of Luci's naps:)

On a side note, I have a problem.  I have absolutely NO memory.  It could be due to lack of sleep, endless hours of painting my house, chasing after my soon to be 1 year old... or it could just be me.  None the less, I cannot for the life of me remember where I got this idea from.  I know I saw some versions on pinterest but I am pretty sure I actually saw it on the blog Lee La La.  I want to give credit where credit is due and well do to this pesky memory issue, I just can't.  Anyway, if you know who's amazing original idea it is I stole borrowed please please please let me know. 

On to the project.  I found a few free pallets on Craigslist.  They are always on there and all you have to do is go pick them up!  I found myself an add that was right down the street from my work.  I headed over there in my nice slacks and cute heels and dug through the piles and piles of crap to find a few gems. I had big plans of headboards, display cases, etc.  Well, my husband tried to throw them out in the big move that just happened but I wasn't ready to let them go.  I told myself that if I didn't use them in a year I would say goodbye to them.  So in my urgency to use them I/someone else who I just can't remember came up with this gem.

All it took was one FREE pallet,

and a little white paint which I already had.

I penciled the words on first and then started brushing.  I did not sand or even wash the pallet for that matter.  The best part is when my paintbrush "got away" from me and colored outside the lines I could just use a little sand paper like an eraser.  It was fantastic for a messy painter like myself.  Well, here she is, the finished product.  What do you think??

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  1. came out real good! i love free art <3

  2. Cute project! Free supplies are always a plus!

  3. Thanks guys! Love me some free art:)

  4. Darling project!! Stop by and share it at my weekend link party sometime too! Pallets are always so much fun to create things with!

  5. Just stopping back by to follow you along and say thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday~ hope to see you again this week!