Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Not Quite Stars but Still Super Awesome Runners Up

Do you all remember Crafting With the Stars??? 

I entered the contest and sadly, did not make the cut.  After a few tears, ok not really but I was disappointed, I decided to get back on that horse and craft with the "not quite stars but still super awesome second runners up" instead.   I am participating in *** Crafting From the Sidelines ***.

A bunch of the peeps who didn't quite make the cut decided to get together and craft along side the stars.  Each week over at Sew Dang Cute they will post the theme of the week.  Then we loosers will link up together and run a contest of our own.  The prize is just the good old fashioned glory of winning.  And being able to say "BOO YA, In your face" while fist pumping.  That would be immature though so I probably won't do that if I win... out loud at least. 

The first weeks theme is Knock Offs.  You do a project that is a knock off of something you have seen... in Target, on a blog, in a high end store, etc.  The rules are simple... anyone can enter by linking up your knock off project over at Northeast of Eden, our host for this week (and the master mind behind the contest).  Even if you didn't enter to win Crafting with the Stars and you just want to play, come on over, link up your project, and get your fist ready to pump!  You have until Oct. 3rd to link up your projects and then the polls will be open for voting for 24 hours.  You all can vote by either commenting on my blog or hoping over to the host and commenting there.  (but not until October 3rd of course!... Don't worry I will remind you:)

Sew Dang Cute  is also running a contest for us runners up and you can win actual prizes!  So, don't forget to link your projects up over there as well... in case you wanted to win something other then glory.  I just want to mention that the Crafting from the Sidelines contest in no way supposed to take away from their amazing Crafting with the Stars contest.  It is simply a way for us runners up to play along.

I am super excited about this weeks theme.  I have already completed my project and it is, dare I say, fantastic...TOOT TOOT (that is me tooting my own horn not farting).  I will reveal this fantastic project on Monday the 3rd and let the voting frenzy begin! 

You can link up your projects here as well and add the link to your blog if you would like!  Good luck and happy crafting!!  BOO YA!


  1. good luck with your contest. following from etsy blog team.

  2. well, i'm waiting for supplies as i type. if i get them, i know what I'm doing!!! :) otherwise, i'll have to think of something else.......wait,I already have another idea. Fun stuff traci.

  3. Ah cool! Goodluck on the contest! I will def be voting :) Really neat concept with the whole runner up thing though, haha i like it!

  4. Down but not out--that's the spirit! Can't wait to see your entry on Monday. Good luck in the consolation bracket.