Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bench, bench, bench

You guys are seriously probably sick of looking at benches... but seriously people they sell!  So here is an old storage bench.  The previous owner cut the back off.  What a tragedy!  It would have been way cooler with the back but it was still pretty dang cute the way it is.  I stepped away from the spray paint for a moment to go back to my white washing technique you can see here and here.  It is so easy to do and always looks so shabby and cute!

I combined a little blue and a little white for this one.  I did more of a dry brush then a white wash.  It is just like it sounds.  Put a little paint on your brush but don't soak it.  Then start brushing it on.  It will be streaky but that's the point.  Have a rag near by so you can wipe it off if you get too much on there.  Anyway, here is the before:

The best part is, it takes like 2 seconds to dry!  I literally put it straight in my car and took it to the store. I am kind of loving this thing:)

Have a happy Monday everyone!!

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  1. Another amazing transformation!! Benches are so versatile -- and yours are so cute -- no wonder they are selling like hotcakes.

  2. Love white washing/dry brushing - and it looks amazing on this piece -
    Your newest follower, would love to have you visit and follow back:)

  3. Nope, I never get sick of benches...or any of your re-dos for that matter!

  4. Where's your store? I just saw on craft wars that you live in CO. I am right outside of Denver and am always looking for cute crafty stores to check out!