Tuesday, June 26, 2012

AHHHH Craft Wars!

I just wanted to pop by to remind you all that tonight is the night.  My episode of Craft Wars will air.  We are the very first episode of this brand new show... talk about pressure!  I will spill my guts tomorrow on this crazy adventure I went on.  But for now, tune in to TLC tonight at 10/9 central.  Seriously ya'll I am so nervous!  AHHHHHHHHH!  No judgement please:)

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, you can catch a fun interview over at The Denver Post today.  The fact that someone would actually want to interview me made my whole day haha.

(a pic of me and my pops crafting our butts off)


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!i LOVE that pops got to do craft wars too. it's only right since he is often your 'secret weapon'.

    no judgements. it's all about the ride my dear,not the destination!

  2. Watched the show. You looked darling! I didn't get to hear most of it since my daughter called during the show, but I watched. Your dad looked like he was having a heck of a time with that tennis racquet!

  3. I loved your bag! It was definitely the cutest one :) I would LOOOVE to be a contestent on this show. Do you have any tips? Can't wait to hear all about your experience. New follower :)
    -Camille Larson

  4. Hi Traci! I saw you on craft wars and looked you up! Glad I found your blog. you did a fabulous job, your bag was super cute and I loved the racket idea! Congrats on making it on the show!

  5. I thought you performed extremely well under pressure!! You were your fun and witty self. Great interview in the Denver Post, too!