Friday, March 16, 2012

White Wash it Yo

I know I have been doing a lot of white projects lately.  In my defense I am trying to do my store in mostly black and white and then adding splashes of color.  Lately that color has been aqua... I think I might start adding some coral in as well:)

Instead of just spraying this guy solid white I decided to do a white wash.  It's actually a really easy process.  Just add a little bit of water to your white paint and start painting.  Just make sure you do long strokes so it doesn't get all splotchy.  Have a towel ready so you can wipe it off when you get a little too much.

Then get the sander out and have at it!

It's kind of a fun twist on the white furniture.  Hope you have a happy day!

P.S.  My child is a complete dare devil.


Keeping It Simple


  1. Hmmm...can't imagine where Luci would get a trait like "daredevil" or "adventurous"??!

  2. I didn't realize white washing was so easy to do! I have admired this finish on a lot of shabby chic furniture but have not attempted it yet. Your little cupboard looks fantastic!

    Claire @

  3. I have passed the Liebster Blog award on to you.
    Go to my blog for info. I love your cute blog.

  4. I like the white look for this piece better than the before version. Looks great. Stopping by via Homemaker on a Dime- hope to see you around soon!

  5. Looks great! I love white washed furniture!!! Rani @ La Maison Jolie