Friday, June 1, 2012

Home for your Bread

Every now and then I run into a bread box while I am browsing the isles of Goodwill.  I usually think they are fun but I never really know what to do with them.  They are always in crappy condition and I just never feel like figuring out how to make them cute.  Well, when my mom showed up with this one:

I decided it was time to give it a go.  I mean it was already at my house so what did I have to loose right!?  I decided to stay conservative and go with a winter gray.  I know I do a lot of crazy colors in my projects but I have to say gray is my favorite.  I seriously have half of my house painted gray because it is so soft and easy to mix in other colors.  Are you ready for the big reveal haha.  I won't keep you waiting any more:)

I know it's not a big orange couch but I think it is kind of sweet.  Hope you all have a happy day!

Keeping It Simple


  1. You could always write on it with ORANGE CHALK if you felt the need!!! LOL. Super Cute!

  2. This turned out really cute! Francine