Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I have a fun story to tell you.  WARNING: this story involves a LOT of poop.

Luci is my baby... or was... until she became a toddler.  Well, with becoming a toddler came a big girl potty.  The girl loves talking about poop.  I never thought I would have so many conversations about poop in my life.  Well, she has a big girl potty that she loves to sit on, and put jewelry in.  She doesn't actually potty in it... yet... I still have hope.

The other day my sister and I were having a normal morning when Luci decided she wanted to sit on the big girl potty.  It was all fun and games until she decided she wanted to do this naked.  After playing on the potty for a while she ran off into the kitchen (gotta love that little streaker).  I ran upstairs to grab a new diapy and some clothes.  The next thing I know Shena is screaming at me to come help.  I run back down the stairs to find my sweet little exhibitionist with a poo half way out.  I picked her up in hopes of getting her back on the potty in time.  Unfortunately when I did this it fell out, and in my mad rush to get to the potty I stepped in it.  Yep, right in it.  Squish.

So after laughing until we couldn't breath for a good 10 minutes Shena and I went about our day.  Now, you are probably thinking that this is the end of our poopscapades for that day.  Oh no, I wish it were.

Later that day we decided to give the girls a bath together... I bet you can see where this is going. Shena's daughter is only 9 months old and Luci LOVES having her in the bathtub with her.  The bath was going fine.  Play, play, play, splash, splash, splash.  Then it happened... a floater rared its ugly head.  The next thing I know Shena is screaming and laughing and swiping poor Stella out of the cesspool.  It took me a minute to realize what had happened.  Aren't kids supposed to poop once a day at this point!!  Well, everyone told me it would happen.  "At some point your kid would poop in the bathtub."  Yep, it happened.  Hope you have enjoyed this episode of "Yep, that's my life."


  1. Lydia went through a phase of pooping in the tub, but it was also really close to her learning to poop in the potty. She was becoming aware of when she went and choosing her timing! Good luck, it is SUCH a nice life when you don't have to carry diapers around!

  2. Motherhood isn't complete without poop in the tub. One time Ashton was running around the house naked and I all the sudden heard him screaming. I came running thinking that he got hurt. No he was standing in his room pointing a pile of poop on the floor screaming his head off. Apparently him pooping on the floor scared him half to death. I couldn't stop laughing that he was scared of his own poop. I love hearing other people's stories about their kids. They always make me smile :)

  3. Hilarious!! We actually had a apoon/strainer to scoop poop out of the tub because it happened so often. : )

  4. Oh my, the fun side of Motherhood nobody can prepare ya for! Thanks for the I have to try to explain to my coworkers why i burst out in giggles.