Sunday, October 16, 2011

Round 3: Fabric

This week I am hosting Round 3 of Crafting From the Sidelines, as well as linking up to Round 3 of Crafting with the Stars over at Sew Dang Cute.  This week's theme is Fabric.

So, in the words of Jen over at Northeast of Eden, and the master mind behind Crafting from the Sidelines, this is how it works:

"  This contest is really little more than crafting along with those rock stars over at Crafting with the Stars. Come along, join in on the fun! no commitment, not many rules, join in anytime (if you miss a competition, no big deal- try to beat our butts on the next one ) and meet some other crafty bloggers. No prizes other than a virtual pat-on the back and the awesome title of "WINNER". This weeks theme is Fabric.  Link up on Monday, Oct. 17th. Then polls will open and you can put down your glue gun and rally some votes.  On Oct. 18th, will have a place to post your entries on their site and they have a REAL prize. FANCY and loads of viewers."
So now is your chance, you rock stars of the fabric world.  Link up your amazing fabric projects below and knock our socks off! 

Don't forget to vote for your favorite.  You can vote by clicking the "like" button on your favorite project, or commenting on the blog of the project you like the most.  Ad this link to your blog as well, so other people can see the fun we are having!  Good luck peeps!

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