Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Party Party Party

Last week we celebrated little miss Luci Rae's first birthday.  We threw her a huge little shindig at our new abode... still in construction.  Let me tell you, it was a mad dash to the finish line.  The party was on Sunday.  We literally... LITERALLY had our floors finished 4 days before the party.  This meant we had to be out of our house for 3 days.  Thursday rolled around and we were allowed to move back into the house.  My sister and her new little one flew into town from Texas and I started cracking the whip!  My mom, dad, sister, hubby, and I started moving furniture in like crazy people.  This included hanging curtains, setting up our basement and mowing the lawn.  My poor family.  We had 3 days to take my empty house and turn it into party central, complete with a cooking session and all!

Well, luckily my cousin Chris and his wife Janelle (one of my greatest friends) helped with the cooking... and by helped I mean she baked 70 cupcakes, made the chicken salad and ALL of the appetizers.  I seriously owe her... I mean BIG! Chris helped by eating all the cupcakes... he's nice like that:)

When Sunday arrived we all took a deep breath, wiped our brows, and thanked God we made it!  Here are a few pictures of the decorations and party ideas.

The ONE banner I made months ago... So glad I didn't wait till the last minute for that one!

My "I Love Luci" mantle.  (this was probably my favorite part).  I also made this banner months ago.  My mom found the heart shaped wood years ago and I just love it!  The I is cut out of cardboard and spray painted. 

All the kids got to take home "S'more birthday fun" with these little s'more packs.  I got the printable off of Pinterest... where else!

Along with the S'mores the kids each got a mini pumpkin... All of the kids and Aunt Ashley.  (she may be 27 but she is still a kid at heart... she got 2:)

Janelle's FABULOUS cupcakes!!

My ONE collage made from pictures of Luci over the last year.  I also got this idea off of Pinterest.  (yes I am aware the the O is much smaller... I tried ok.)

I had a picture station as well.  I made props and blank word bubbles.  Then I hung an empty picture frame and set out a camera.  I had people fill out the word bubbles to say whatever they wanted to say to Luci.  Then they took a picture behind the frame holding their bubble and prop.  I did a TERRIBLE job explaining that so let me just show you... These are some of my favorites:

In case you can't read it, it says "Gpa's the best".  Good job dad.

ANY way... there you have it.  We had so much fun with all of Luci's family and friends.  Other then a slight melt down during her birthday cake the day went off without a hitch.  I will show you some pics from the actual party later this week.  Thanks to everyone who made her first birthday SO special!  We love you all.


  1. What a fun post!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful family get-together. Love your decorations and I'm drooling over the photo of the cupcakes.

  2. It was a blast!!! I'm so glad we were able to be a part of it!! We love that little peanut!! So blessed to have an amazing friend like you!!