Thursday, October 20, 2011

Napkins to Pillows in 5 Minutes

Some people may call me lazy crazy... I say creative.

This story begins like most of my favorite stories do... with my sister and I wandering the isles of Target.  Shena is one of my FAVORITE people to bounce design ideas off of.  We don't always see eye to eye when it comes to design but she has such a great style.  Mine is a little more vintage/cottage, hers is a little more traditional and sleek.  This should come as no surprise if you have ever met us.  We are opposites in a thousand ways, and I LOVE it!  She seems to balance out my crazy clutter in a way no one else really can.

I have been working on getting my living room...well... livable.  This is a strange concept to me since I have been living on unfinished floors with no furniture for the past 2 months!  Our floors were finished, Luci's first birthday party was done, now it was time to actually LIVE in my living room... we are crazy like that.

Shena, my mom, and I had set the living room up all perdy like and decided something was missing.  My "raggy shaggy" table and bench were in place, my awesome new thrifted chairs had found their home but there was still something not quite right.  What was missing you ask?  Pillows.  I had no pillows to soften the room. 

Well, time seems to escape me and the thought of sewing new pillows just seemed daunting.  But then something fantastic happened.  There we were, wandering the isles of Target, and we happened upon the kitchen section and out jumped the most beautiful cloth napkins I had ever seen (this may be an exaggeration but seriously they were fantastic!)  Then the little light bulb went off above my head.  PILLOWS! 

Shena agreed that they would be perfect and I bought 8 napkins for a total of $10.  (this made 4 pillows... 4 pillows for $10, that ROCKS!)  I got them home, pulled out the old sewing machine and in less then 5 minutes my cloth napkins became this:

Aren't they just wonderful!  No cutting, no measuring... probably should have ironed, oops :)  All I had to do is line up the edges and sew a straight line, insert my old ugly pillows and there you have it.  No tutorial because lets face it... this  is pretty self explanatory.  Have you had any Ah Ha! moments lately?

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  1. Your pillows turned out wonderfully! I bet you can hold a steam iron above them and steam any wrinkles out that bother you. But they look great, seriously. Very economical solution!

  2. ps-maybe if you throw them in the dryer on low for a few mintues it might take any wrinkles out. just a thought. maybe even spritz them with water first.

  3. They look amazing!! I will definitely be stealing this idea! I love getting new pillows, but hate paying the price.

  4. These came out great! Too lazy, I mean, EASY:) Now about those chairs... ;)

  5. Great pillows -- and what a bargain!! You couldn't have bought fabric (even on sale) and come up with 4 pillows for $10!

  6. Wow! Might need to head out to Target (we have one of those) and get some of those napkins!

  7. Oh - if I could only be lucky enough to find a fabulous fabric like yours, sigh!