Friday, October 28, 2011

Luci Rae's Birthday Bash

Last week I showed you some of the fun decorations we had for Luci's first birthday bash.  You can see those here

This week I wanted to show you a few pictures from the big day.  It was SO much fun and even though I cried a little (it's hard to see your baby grow up) the day was fantastic thanks to all of our family and friends!

Here are a few pictures from our day:

On her new slide with Aunt Erin.

With Aunt Sara and Uncle Will... yes, she is holding a diaper in the picture with Aunt Sara... She likes to play with them, it is clean I promise, don't judge.

Hangin with one of my favorite people, Rachelle.

Opening presents in her birthday girl bib turned cape.  She started out all dressed and cute I promise, but lets face it, most days end in a diaper and cape.

See, I had her dressed at one point lol!

I couldn't get her to eat her cake.  She just cried the whole time!  I guess there were too many people watching.  I can't really blame the poor girl, I hate shoving my face full of cake when 30 people are watching me too.

Later on she dove right in, once everyone was gone and she could cover herself in chocolate in privacy.

And I will leave you with the best picture of them all.  This one takes the cake (pun intended).  Check out my mom's face! 

One year down, sigh.


  1. Looks like such a fun day! LOVE the last picture with your mom- too funny!!!

  2. Ha. Glad she decided to dig into her cake after all...she's starting to take after you:) So glad I got to be there!

  3. Great photos! What fun! Looks like little Luci Rae had a really fun day.

  4. LOL! That last picture is hilarious!