Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Drop of Golden Sun

In just one week Ms. Luci Rae will be celebrating her first birthday... ONE WEEK!  I went back through pictures from this last year so that I could "re-live" the best year of my life.  I may have gotten all sappy and teary eyed... ok I balled like a big old baby, snot bubbles and all.  I am doing this in two separate posts since I have WAY too many pictures and couldn't cut any out:)  You can catch the second half next Wednesday the 12th... her actual birthday.

So here she is in all her glory (the first 6 months at least).  My sweet, energetic, charismatic, hysterical, jabber box LUCI RAE!!

Here she is on her first "birthday", all 5 pounds 8 ounces of her.  Not my prettiest hour but definitely my proudest:)  I still tear up looking at this picture.

At 1 month old.. yes I did put her in a pumpkin, yes I did.

At 2 months old.  So pretty:)

At 3 months (love her little smile).

4 months old with her BFF Taylor. ( I have no idea what they are looking at but it must be pretty interesting)

Her dedication at church at 5 months.

At her 6 month photo session with Molly at Cedar House Photography.  Molly is AMAZING.  Seriously people, she did my wedding pictures too.  I HIGHLY recommend her.  She is so fun, so professional, and SO talented.

The first 6 months were a whirlwind. 
I learned how to function with no sleep. 
I learned how to be flexible. 
I learned to appreciate my body for the first time in my life. 
But above all, Luci Rae has given me a small glimpse into what God's love for me looks like. 

 I never imagined that I could be so in love with someone I have only known for 12 short months... but I loved her the moment I knew she existed. 

Her name means Ray of Light... I couldn't describe her any better then that.

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  1. This is SO sweet Traci. Talk about snot bubbles. I'm a mess! ;) Love that sweet girl!