Friday, July 1, 2011

More Flower Fun

If you didn't catch it from my last few posts I am obsessed with rosettes lately.  I just learned how to make fabric rosettes and then decided I wanted to learn how to make card stock flowers.  I have this tiny problem.  I love vases and flowers in my house.  The problem is I kill them.  It doesn't matter how much love I try to give flowers or plants I just kill them.  Then I get sad and frustrated and buy fake flowers.  While some fake flowers can be really cute a lot of the time they just end up looking cheesy and well... fake. 

Side note:

I am a loyal Etsy shopper (if you haven't been to Etsy you are really missing out! click on the blue LuciRae banner above and it will take you to my shop... and yes this is a shameless promotion:).  I always see these amazing card stock flowers for sale.  I decided, cheap as I am, that I would learn how to make some.  This was my first attempt.  I am going to try a few different styles but I really LOVE how these ones turned out. 

First you start by cutting a circle, the more imperfect and wavy it is the better.  Which is good for me because I am not so good with the scissors.  Then you cut the circles into spirals.  As mentioned before I am not so good with scissors so I just drew a spiral on the back and cut along my line.

Then you start rolling.  You start at the end and just roll it as tight as you can until you get to the center.

Then you just let go.  For some reason that part made me really nervous. HAHAHA but I did it... wonder if that says something about other aspects of my life?  You know, being afraid to just let go.  Any way, Dr. Phil will have to talk to me about that later, back to the flower.  See, when you let go it is fine:

Then you just hot glue the bottom so it stays in place.  I also hot glued some stems on the bottom so they could go in vases.  You could attach them to just about anything you wanted!

And VIOLA.  My un killable bouquet of flowers. 

Hope you all enjoy!  And if you buy a new house or invite me over for dinner or something of the sort you might just get yourself a bouquet as a housewarming gift:)

Another side note:

This is an awesome antique shop on Etsy that I LOVE.  She is having a 50% off sale for the holiday weekend.  It ends Monday so if you have time you should check her out!

If you are looking to buy me a present... which I know you all are!  I have had my eye on this fantastic owl.  Why do I need him you ask yourself... I don't but how cute would he be in my house!! 
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  1. I love those flowers! I'm going to try making some. I made a fabric flower for the first time and blogged about it today! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!