Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shena's Shower Part 1

Ok peeps, I know that a long time ago... like MONTHS ago... I promised pictures from the fabulous baby shower we threw for my sister and her little bambina Stella June.  Well, I am a slacker and way too easily distracted so my photo editing and blogging promises got pushed aside.  Well, here is a little something for you all from that amazing day!  I am FAR from done editing but these are a few of what I have done so far.  Please note that I am NOT a professional artist or photographer so please don't judge... THANKS:)

The morning started with me painting this on Shena's belly... it's a cherry blossom tree for those of you who are confused :)

Then we commenced the picture taking extravaganza!  Here are a few from the day.

These are a combination of my photos and some that my mom's friend Catherine took.  She is AMAZING! 

After the photo extravaganza we commenced with the partying!!!

During the party we set up a table where people could decorate their own onsies.  It was such a cute idea... good job Janelle!  They all turned out SO cute and personal.  All we did was buy white onsies and buy t-shirt paint and iron on decals.  Then we let the ladies... and gentlemen... get their hands dirty!

Here is the proud daddy to be making his:)

And the final product:

Overall the day was fantastic.  I had so much fun and know Shena did too!  Stella will be a very spoiled baby :) 


  1. Love the onesie idea! Cute, cute. And good job with the belly painting...(you think I'm kidding, but it looks awesome!) :)

  2. haha thanks Rachelle, coming from a real artist that makes me feel a little better.

  3. Lovely belly painting and photographs!

  4. I'm a bit old fashioned so I don't get the belly painting, but the onesie idea--now why didn't we think to do that for the grandbabies? Would have been so much fun! (Okay, old fashioned and old :-)

    Please tell Shena she is a beautiful mom! Love the pic with the horse and hubby!

    Hi from the Etsy Blog Team--

  5. Yeah the belly painting thing is definitely a new trend. Stella kicked me the entire time I was painting:)