Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Top 7 Chalkboard Paint Projects

I am a day dreamer.  My mind is literally on super turbo mode 99% of my waking hours.  Even when I am feeding Luci at 2 in the morning I am coming up with my next big project.  Well, unfortunately most of the time these dreams stay just as that, an idea that gets lost once I fall back asleep... I am thinking I should start a journal of project ideas.  Then maybe I would be able to remember what it is I TOTALLY wanted to do!  This forgetfulness could be a result of nine months of no sleep or it could just be a genetic flaw my sweet, yet forgetful mother passed along.  I blame the latter:) 

Well, a little while ago I bought myself a handy dandy can of spray paint... remember???  It turns out, now that I have my lovely table, I want to spray paint EVERYTHING with chalkboard paint.  And thus my search began for fun projects with one little can of paint.  So, these were the top 7 ideas (in my humble opinion) that one person, so crazy as myself, would create with chalkboard paint.  7 you ask?  What a random number... the truth is I only had time for 7, there are probably a million out there!  Now just to find the time to do all of these!!

This vintage framed chalkboard from ShugabeeLane would be SO cute on Luci's door to her room.  She could leave little notes for me on it... yes I am aware that she is only 9 months old but hey they grow up quick:)

I buy and sell globes all the time and it just never occurred to me that this was an option!  So cool.  I think I would do it in a fun color though... did you know they actually make chalkboard paint in multiple colors!!!

I don't recycle as much as I would like.   I know I know, all of my attempts have been epic failures BUT if I made myself one of these maybe I would be inspired!

If you remember a few posts back I mentioned that I kill every plant ever... but maybe if I try REALLY hard I could keep a little herb garden... giving me a reason to make these adorable pots:)

With these awesome chalkboard labels from bradensgracewallart my spice cabinet would be so cool!!

My friend Amanda recently featured this on her blog and I agree with her... it rocks!  You can find it at shopdirtsa.

And for the grand finale of all awesomeness this is the most fantastic way I could EVER imagine to use this paint... Are you ready for this??? 

BAM!  Now that is fantastic.  WordGarden, thank you for your awesome creativity!!

So, if anyone out there has any more ideas, I am always up for suggestions... and gifts wink wink ;)


  1. The chalkboard paint craze is really a lot of fun, isn't it? I even saw a recipe to make it yourself in any color. =)

  2. Okay, this is awesome. I had no idea you could use that stuff on pillows! Too cool!

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  4. The one I saw that I loved was wine glasses with a finger amount smudged across to write a guests' name on... LOVE!
    My mom made the boys those flower pots, they were awesome! But they broke them within minutes of their arrival:)

  5. LOVE all of these great uses for the chalkboard! thank you for sharing such a nice post. xo

  6. These are some great projects...and all different than the ones I just featured on my blog the other day. Did you see it?

    So many fun projects out there, but definitely not enough time. That's why I'm loving Pinterest lately as a way to bookmark future project ideas!

    Thanks for following me!

  7. What a fun post! We're so on the same page today. Not only do I have that same creative brain overload passed down from my mother, but I was totally thinking about chalkboard paint today while looking at a blank white wall in my dining room. Thanks for all these wonderful ideas. I might actually implement something! :)

  8. I loved these ideas! Your newest follower.