Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Birthday for my Mom... Won't tell how many:)

July 14th, 195.... my mom came into this world.  The most amazing part: this is also her mother's birthday.  That's right, can you imagine what an amazing birthday present that would be!  Every year this is a bitter sweet day for my mom as her mom is no longer with us.  In case you all didn't know, Luci Rae is named after my grandma: Mildred Lucille Hankins, Love you grandma but just couldn't name my sweet daughter Mildred lol. 

Any way, my mom is basically a life saver.  In more ways then you could imagine.  She is a flight nurse.  Yep you heard me right.  My 50 something year old mother flies around in helicopters picking up the seriously injured and sick for a living... talk about a thrill seeker.  So in that sense she is LITERALLY a life saver. 

What she doesn't know is what a life saver she is for me.  She watches my little girl 2 days a week while I toil away in the insurance world.  She does this without any strings attached.  She doesn't require payment, she doesn't complain, in fact she actually loves it!  All she asks is that I keep cookies in the pantry and coffee in the pot... seems like a reasonable request to me:)  So basically I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to my amazing mother. 

Luci Rae thinks she is just hilarious!  I can't even begin to explain the peace of mind I get knowing that my baby is with someone who loves her as much as my mom does.  I don't always tell her how much she is appreciated, so mom... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

For her birthday I made her this. 

I found this really cool frame, took out the picture and attached chicken wire to the back.  It is perfect for holding photos.  So rustic and cute!  I saw a version of this at this really cool store in Castle Rock called the Barn... if you have been there you know how amazing it is!  I decided to make one instead.  Then I decided to make another:)

This one is a vintage frame that I painted blue and "antiqued" with sandpaper and glaze.  Love how it turned out!

On a side note... Remember how obsessed with flowers I am lately.  Well I found THIS shop on Etsy.  She makes flowers out of the coolest things.  Cards, romance novels, you name it.  Love the creativity and I totally want this hair clip!

It is made out of romance novels!  Thanks for your creativity
Little Asian Sweatshop!  Plus the name of her shop totally cracks me up.  I love it!  Show her some love if you have time:)


  1. what a nice gift. I'm sure your mother will love it.

  2. You mom will love the frame but even more beautiful is the lovely tribute you wrote to her. Make sure she sees it and has time to read it on her birthday. I promise there will be tears...joyful tears!

  3. What a beautiful story about your mother! I know exactly how you feel. My mom and I have started our Etsy shop together and it has been so much fun working with her. I have a 13 month old daughter and I don't know what we would do without her!

    Your items that you make are so creative!

  4. Nice job! Happy birthday to your Mother!

  5. What an amazing mother you have! This is such a great story. I love the picture frames.

  6. Thanks for the shout out to my hair flowers :) And happy (belated) birthday to your mom...what a great story!

  7. Wow, so creative indeed! & a beautiful birthday tribute to your Mom. Thrill seeker indeed. Luci Rae is adorable, btw. : )

  8. Thanks all! My mom had a wonderful birthday and loved her gift:)