Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Heavy Heart

I have no idea why but today I am sad.  There is nothing that has happened to make me feel this way, in fact I can't imagine being blessed more then I am right now.  I am married to the man of my dreams, I have the most beautiful little girl anyone could ask for, and my friends and family are the BEST.  So why am I sad? Could be my crazy hormones haha (most likely) or it could be because I realize how stagnant I have become.  I live my life day to day and don't push forward.  I have goals and dreams but they always seem to get pushed aside and my laziness takes over.  Well, I read a blog post today and it had the lyrics to the song Beauty for Ashes.  If you have not heard this song you are missing out.  It made me happy and sad all at the same time. 
"He gives beauty for ashes,
strength for fear,
gladness for mourning,
peace for despair...."

For some reason I keep choosing ashes.  From here on out I am making a pledge to choose beauty.  I know I will forget sometimes but when I do I am so glad I can look into this precious face and be reminded.

My friend Kevin wrote this on his facebook wall today and I couldn't agree more.

"I am amazed that we are satisfied to remain the same day after day. We love the idea of change, but not the practice, nor the work of doing it"


  1. Timely post. I no longer have hormones to deal with, but I do let fatigue zap my energy and my creativity by trying to cram too much into my days and not allowing time to rest or recharge my "batteries." Sometimes I need to remind myself that even God took a day off and rested. I need to follow that example. I will be more creative and productive overall if I give myself permission to rest.

    LeAnn aka pasqueflower

  2. LeAnn I completely agree. If we take the time to relax (following God's lead:) we will be better mothers, friends, employees. More creative and productive. Thanks:)

  3. Change gears and do something completely different, like go for a walk in a new area or fill a tub in the backyard and soak your feet! Hope your mood improves!

  4. Lol that is too funny, I just filled up the baby pool in the back yard so I could enjoy! It's like you read my mind.