Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Time Spray Paint Fun!

Now that it is summer, and I don't live in Buena Vista any more where the wind makes it nearly impossible to spray paint, I have gone spray paint MAD!!  I swear a $5 can of spray paint can change something ordinary and boring, to amazing and fun!  This week I found this table at the Castle Rock thrift store.  It was half off day... the best kind of day... so it was only $7!!  I pretty much ran to it I was so excited.  Most people would probably not love it like I do (I have always had a strange attraction to ugly things).

 In college my now husband, at the time boyfriend actually threw out a pair of sweatpants of mine because they were so ugly.  They were fleece, and burnt orange.  They had been worn out so bad that when I wore them I looked like I had been living on the streets.  I LOVED them.  Just thinking about them being thrown out without my consent makes me tear up a little.  We finally came to an agreement that I could only wear my "nice" sweatpants out in public.  Even though I promised not to go out in public in them he threw them away anyway.  A moment of silence please :(  Ok, back to my ugly table, sorry about that side note.

Anyway, I decided I wanted a blue table.  Not really sure why, I just wanted one.  And thus was born my new blue table.  My husband says it is a Broncos table... I say call it whatever you want as long as I can keep it :)  So here ya go:

For some reason in the pictures it looks a lot lighter blue then it actually is.  Here is a better one of the actual color.

So there ya have it folks.  My new blue table.  Hope my hubby doesn't throw it away!  Oh and just a little Luci Rae update... She has started sort of crawling.  Well she pretty much drags herself around with only her arms.  Non the less, she is into EVERYTHING.  Guess it is time to baby proof the house.  The doctor told me to have a beer and crawl around on the floor to see what I get into.  I don't know about you but that might be the best doctor's orders I have ever received!

Luci in her jumping chair.  So funny to watch!


  1. You were in Castle Rock and didn't come see me?! SUper cute table, now you need a pillow or two with that color, they have cute ones at target right now!

  2. I know it is shameful! The truth is I was waiting for my mom to finish up in a massage so I ran to the thrift shop, I promise next time I have some time to waste in castle rock I will skip the thrift store and head straight to your house! (and then it wont be a waste of time at all:) I totally saw those pillows at target... I might have to stop by on my way home from work.

  3. Love the table! I appreciate that you didn't just paint it white.

  4. Thanks, I agree! If it were up to the hubby it would have been red which would have been cool too.

  5. Love it:) I haven't been very crafty lately...I think I crafted myself out with the whole house remodel. Me thinks it's time to get back on the horse.

  6. So cute. I love that you chose glossy! Thanks for linking up!