Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chalkboard Table for Miss Luci Rae!

For some reason I tend to go in spurts with my energy.  Lately I have been on a spray painting and rosette making spurt.  I will go months doing a certain kind of project over and over and then bam!  I will see something else I like and get on a roll with that.  For example, I saw a tutorial about how to make rosettes... and now I have a rosette clutch, rosette headband and a rosette necklace:)  Well, this weekend was no different.  Amid our obsessive searching for the PERFECT house I seemed to find time to upcycle an awesome kid's table and make myself a pretty new accessory. 

Did I mention that we are looking for the perfect house?  I HATE renting and my husband and I are done with our lease in August.  We have been on the search for the perfect fixer upper.  I am pretty sure once we find it this blog will quickly turn from fun little projects to huge house reno projects.  For now I will have to put my creative energy into things that can be moved:) 

So I am aware that Luci is only 8 months old and that she will not actually be able to use this table for a long time to come but I just had to try out the chalk board paint I bought.  So here it goes...

Before... just an ordinary end table that my mom found at a garage sale for $3.

I cleaned it and sanded it and then painted it a light blue...

Then I attempted to paint the whole thing with magnetic paint... This did not work and I ended up sanding it and starting over.  I DO NOT recommend the magnetic spray paint.  If anyone knows of one that works please tell me!!  So then I painted the top with chalkboard paint which did work perfectly!

I taped off the center and did a white boarder... and then, because I suck at painting, I touched up my mistakes !

And FINALLY after much time and patience I stenciled on some fun designs!

And thus was born... Luci's awesome chalkboard table.  I love it.  Kyle wants me to sell it.  Why is he always trying to get rid of my awesome stuff??

Oh and here is my new favorite necklace!!

Well that's all for now.  And as always here is a little something of my favorite little person:  Luci Rae goes to the park!


  1. Yes, such a great idea!! If you sell it, we will buy it!!

  2. Hey guys. Thanks! I love this paint! And Lo don't worry I can make your little man one for free when he is ready:) You don't have to buy... plus it will make a great birthday present for him! You can even choose the colors

  3. Great idea for a table! My daughter painted her pantry doors with chalkboard paint and my granddaughter stays occupied while mom is busy in the kitchen!

  4. Great idea! And such cute pick of Luci at the park!

    LeAnn aka pasqueflower