Monday, July 30, 2012

Craft Wars Wreath

Some of the other "Craft Wars Vets" (that term just makes me laugh since technically I was the first casualty of that war) have been playing along with the challenges as the season goes on.  This week I decided to jump in and play along.  

Last week's challenge on Craft Wars was to make a wreath out of old sweaters and stuff and then a Christmas tree out of packing supplies.  Well... I didn't have any packing supplies on hand and I definitely don't have a need for a giant Christmas tree in July, so I decided to make a wreath using muffin cups and music sheets.    Let's face it, I'm cheap and I already had all of the stuff on hand.  So here is what I came up with:

And in case you were wondering, YES I glued it... GASP!!  At least this time there is no one telling me that gluing it was a mistake.  There were "glue boogers" everywhere.  Whatevs. 

If you want to check out what some of the other vets came up with hop on over:

Foo Foo La La

P.S.  The photo challenge for today over at Mercantile Muse is "Vast."  So here it is: (this is actually an old photo... but what I wouldn't give to be there right this second.)


  1. oh man, you are cracking me up. hope you didn't burn yourself with the hot glue gun.

    LOVE the wreath!

    1. I totally DID burn myself:( How did you know lol!

  2. Hooray for glue boogers! This is lovely, Traci. I see not a single string or booger in the mix. And if there were, one could argue the importance of textural accents.


  3. so pretty, feminine, and shabby chic!

  4. Great job!!! Love it!!!

  5. Stretch out glue boogers and they make great cobwebs!

  6. Love your VAST photo! And your wreath is fantastic. So neat that you and the other Craft Wars vets are staying in touch.

  7. Your music and cupcake cups wreath is so pretty, love the simplicity of it. I burn myself all the time with glue gun. Isn't that what you're supposed to do when you're concentrating on making a pretty project? I still use too much glue and have little knots of glue everywhere that I have to take off let alone too many glue strings.

  8. I love this wreath (even if it was made with glue boogers)!

  9. Your wreath turned out great.