Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No One Puts Baby in a Corner

Unless baby is this super cute corner cabinet.  I actually redid this cabinet this summer but it has been living downstairs at The Barn and serving as the snack cabinet.  Well, we are rearranging the downstairs area so I went ahead and brought this awesome piece upstairs to the shop, so I guess that means it is officially for sale:)  There is just something about a corner cabinet that makes me happy, with all of its space saving awesomeness.

 The cabinet didn't have a back so I decided to do chicken wire.  I originally planned to go with burlap but I'm glad I stuck with the chicken wire.  There is just something so country and sweet about it.  

Do you guys have the same love for all things fitting in the corner??  OR am I alone in this obsession?


  1. The corner cabinet is great. I would never have thought to use chicken wire. I have wanted a corner entertainment center. Now that the rest of the world has turned to flat screens, I may be able to find something in my price range eventually.