Monday, August 6, 2012


You thrifted WHAT!!!  That is seriously what you are about to say.  FO REALS!  Ok, I do have a job with an estate sale company where I get first dibs on awesome awesomeness so it really isn't fair to you all to brag, but I just can't help it.  At one of our recent sales I swiped up this crap and clicked my heals in celebration.

Ok, now I dare you to guess which of this awesomeness was thrifted.  The answer... ALL OF IT!  Lets break it down for y'all. 

Adorable suit case.. yep, got that at an estate sale.

Hello my beautiful Brownie...  I heart vintage cameras.  And yep, got this baby at the very SAME estate sale.

And for the crowning glory, the creme de la creme of the swiped goodness:

My RETROFABULOUS Auto Wate.  With its rusted, chippy, baby blue sweetness.  And yes, I kid you not, got it at the SAME estate sale.  LOVE.

I guess it is convenient that today's photo challenge over at Mercantile Muse is "Retro."  


  1. You thrifted WHAT???
    Had to say it, lol - what great great finds!!!

  2. I love the camera and the scale! Nice finds!

  3. You are a bargain magnet! Love your finds - -and your retro photo.

  4. I love your scale. I just found my first scale and love it.

  5. You were living right that day. Congratulations!