Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Uniform

Back in May, Mandi over at Vintage Revivals asked all of us to show her our DIY uniform.  (in case you were wondering, she was also on Craft Wars and was totally robbed:)  I didn't have time to participate then, but when Pam over at Mercantile Muse challenged us to do a "self portrait" as part of her photo challenge, I thought why not! 

The truth is, since DIY is also my job, this is my daily uniform.    My poor husband.  I swear when he married me I still showered daily.  Ok, maybe not daily, but at least I put on makeup most days.  If you were to randomly drop by my house on most given days this is what you would find: 

The uniform usually consists of a mask... or as Luci calls it "mommy's nose"... no makeup (unless you count paint), hair pulled back in a greasy pony tail, and paint... EVERYWHERE.  Check out the creases of my nose.  Yep, you can see the exact spot the mask ends.  

My uniform would not be complete without my husbands old soccer shorts, and a random t-shirt my mom gave me years ago.  Yeah, I'm hot.  Maybe this is the reason we only have one kid... It's a good thing Kyle loves my personality.

Oh, and no DIYer's outfit would be complete if they didn't have a naked child running around somewhere.  Luci's DIY outfit usually consists of a diaper ONLY look, just out of nap time hair, and her truck.  

So there it is.  My glamorous "self portrait."  Scary right!

I couldn't resist throwing this picture in as well.  I mean, how many people are able to have a self portrait of themselves with themselves! RIGHT!

Best self portrait ever.


  1. stop. stop already. i'm busting a gut. maybe that's the reason you don't have more kids? highly doubt that one, miss perfect teeth.

  2. So hilarious!!!! Love the naked child accessory!

  3. Ba-hahaha! Ya, the one kid comment got me! Love you! And I think you're beautiful in spite of it all;)

  4. Just great! I usually look a mess too -- too much home repair, gardening, etc.

  5. LOL!! Your everyday style may be DIY Grunge, but you clean up well :-).