Friday, August 10, 2012

All Jazzed Up

It started here:

Technically it started like that, but with cork in it... but since I keep failing at the "before" pictures you all don't get to see that.  

I added some fun turquoise/green paint and then jazzed up the cork inside... time out... what 28 year old says "jazzed up."  Holy crap... Let's just pretend it didn't happen.  

ANYWAY, I will just show you the after now.

I am pretty sure the lady in that photo would say jazzed up... just sayin.  


  1. Hi! Visiting from tt&j! OHhh.. I love your this! The color is so fun.. and it really is jazzed up! ;)

    If you get a chance I would love for you to share this (and any other awesome post you have) at my Friday link party!

  2. well that's just plain nifty.

    sorry, couldn't resist.

    my niece crack up at my mom because she still says dungarees.

  3. Love the duck butts on the wall! Now THAT'S creative!!!!!