Friday, February 10, 2012

Shed A Little Light On It

I did another lamp... My store is called The Dented Lampshade after all. This lamp started out with some real character.   It is so funky/ugly.

I have a terrible secret to share with you... I sort of LOVE ugly things. You know, the kind of ugly that makes you think some guy totally rocked this in his living room in the 70's with his sweet mustache and awesome bell bottoms. I once bought a purse that was made out of an ugly green couch and a terrible purple tie. You can only imagine it's ugly awesomeness, and yes, it still makes an appearance every now and then. I seriously embarrass my hubs all the time. Just another perk to my love of ugly things.

Well, this lamp had that sort of awesome uglyness that I hold so dear to my heart, I mean, just look at it!

In my opinion it is awesome just the way it is.  Throw a shade on there and call it good.  I fear however, that my customers at The Dented Lampshade will not appreciate the ugly the same way I do.  So, I decided to pretty it up a little.  (Don't worry, I still kept it's ugly charm, just tweaked it a bit.)

I painted the wood heirloom white and added a fun shade that I funkified with some fabric scraps I had left over.  And here it is, in all of it's ugly glory... though not quite as ugly as before, still super awesome.

Don't judge me for my love of ugly... just love me through it:)

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  1. You're like me........'ugly charm'. I see it in some of the ugliest things. That lamp is sweet!

    I tagged you in today's post on Mercantile Muse. If you feel like playing, great. If not, no worries.