Wednesday, February 8, 2012

30 is the new... 30

I just wanted to take a moment to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing sister.  30 is a big number... just kidding Shena:)  You seriously only look 29!

You know I love you!

As kids you taught me so much.

You beat me up... which taught me how to be tough.
I stole your cloths... which lead to you beating me up... which taught me my awesome sense of style.
You gave me my first ride, my first beer, and my first high school party... which taught me, well, not a lot but it was sure fun.

As adults, you introduced me to my husband and I was there the day you met yours.  You challenged me to branch out and see the world.  You were my maid of honor, medical adviser, decorator, and best friend.  I was there at the birth of your child and you were there at the birth of mine (and even stood up to the mean nurse for me when I needed it).  Whenever we would fight when we were young mom and dad used to say, "You better be nice to each other.   She will be your best friend one day."  Man I hate it when they are right!

I am so glad you are my big sis!  Let me know how 30 feels... cause I wouldn't know;)

Happy birthday old lady!

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  1. well I can attest, at 30 ladies, things are just getting started. only better things to come. and traci, you're as bad as me. though i'm older than you, i am the baby of the family(even at 46!) and I am sure to rub that in every chance I get. They would do the same for me. Happy bday to sis!