Tuesday, May 31, 2011

27 and counting... A Gangsta's Paradise

This weekend it finally happened... I tried to stop it but somehow I couldn't.  I entered my late 20s.  It was actually one of the best nights ever, despite the realization that I am no longer just a kid:)  We went to visit our old stomping grounds in Buena Vista, CO.  We lived there for almost 4 years and just recently moved away.  My friend Rachelle (she seems to be showing up in my blogs a lot lately) threw a party for her husband Robin and me on Sunday.  It was a mob themed party and an absolutely hillarious time.  There were tons of guns, hats, and cigars.  Thank God they weren't loaded:)  Here is a quick re-cap of our awesome weekend in the mountains.

some of the ladies showing a little leg.
Robin and I... 27 and loving it.

A group shot.

The ladies in my life.  Sky wanted to pose for the picture too:)  Man I miss those views!

Now I am ready for 3 days of work and then some more party planning!  My sister's baby shower is this weekend so I am sure I will have some great pictures coming soon!

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