Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Raggy Shaggy Weekend

My husband is probably the kindest, smartest person I know.  But more then that he is hilarious!  It is the kind of comedy that no one could write.  At first glance you would think he is the strong silent type... you would be wrong.  When you first meet him he is shy, but behind the closed doors of our duplex you would meet a very different person.  I have laughed until I cried on so many occasions I can't even tell you.  Like the time I woke up and he was dead asleep with his left arm stuck straight in the air tickling it with his right arm. Or the time he was so hungry at the bank he kept sneaking candy from our bankers bowl and when we got up to leave he ever so slyly took the rest of the bowl in his hand, stuck it in his pocket, and walked out. 

This weekend he did not disappoint.  I had two of my very best friends visit me from Buena Vista.  Rachelle and Robbin are one of my favorite couples to hang out with.  Rachelle is not only one of my best friends, she is also my hair dresser, hiking partner and the best thrifting/crafting partner a girl could ask for.  You can check her out at http://rachelleburgess.blogspot.com/.  It is well worth the visit to her blog I promise. 

Well, we spent the weekend doing what I love most, yard sales, thrift stores and antique shops.  Saturday evening as we were all sitting around recapping our day we got on the subject of different decorating styles.  From traditional to modern we covered it all.  Kyle was sitting there just listening and out came my new most favorite term.  He said "well, isn't that table raggy shaggy."  Rachelle and I stopped, looked at each other, and about died laughing.  Of course he was referring to this adorable "shabby chic" table I have in my living room.  From now on in our house we will no longer be using the term "shabby chic."  It will always be a "raggy shaggy" sort of style for us! 

On top of all this hilarity, this Friday I was getting ready to do our laundry, yuck right!  Well, I was cleaning out the pockets of Kyle's pants and I found a raisin... that's right a raisin.  (insert head tilt and confused look here).  Who puts a raisin in their pocket you ask, Kyle does.  I could not for the life of me figure out how it got there so I asked.  "Well", he explained, "I had a cookie and I didn't want to eat it yet.  So, I put it in my pocket and went back to work."  Of course he ate the cookie a little later but left the evidence in his pocket.  So picture this adorable man, with his hair all done, his nicely ironed tucked in collared shirt, managing these huge solar projects and dealing with HUGE financial investors like Morgan Stanley, all the while he really just has a cookie in his pocket that he wants to save for later.  This is one of the many many reasons why I love him!

Well, along with the entertainment of Kyle's raisin and raggy shaggy ideas I decided to take full advantage of Rachelle's visit.  I had her teach me how to make adorable fabric rosettes, a super easy envelope pillow and of course a new sassy hair cut!  Take a look at the products of our awesome weekend!

  LOVE my new fabric flower hair clip.  Rachelle taught me so much this weekend!

Amazing mirror I found at Goodwill!  You know you are jealous!

Awesome flower rosettes that Rachelle showed me how to make.  The will eventually be a head band.  I will show you when it's done.

Awesome, extremely easy pillow Rachelle showed me how to make.  I will be making 3 more next week!

Well, it was a productive/hilarious weekend for us.  Hope you all can say the same!!


  1. Love my little bro! He's always been good for entertainment. Such cute flower rosettes, Traci! Is to too early to start putting in requests for Christmas? :-) Fun blog!

  2. Love! Thanks for making me seem like a crafting superstar:) I had so much fun with you this weekend! And I will also be using the term 'Raggy Shaggy'...