Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Year In Review

So, it is 2013 and just like the rest of the world I am forced to take a look at the past year.  Lets face it, I don't remember what my goals were last year, and I'm sure my goals this year will be forgotten by March... But just for the fun of it, lets review:

Went to Bahamas... almost died (literally had to be rescued at sea by a man with a 12 pack and his bombshell girlfriend.  We later named him Don Juan Del Saves my wife... long story)

Fed a Giraffe 

Opened The Dented Lampshade... then expanded it

Got a new job... quit said job 

Went on a reality TV show...Tori Spelling told me to pack up my glue gun and go home... so I did:)

Walked in a fashion show

Modeled as a "Bride" for the Castle Rock bridal district

Did not work out once... unless you count hauling furniture up stairs

Luci Rae turned 2... and refused to be potty trained
(on a side note, I totally caught her standing up facing the toilet the other day with her hands in a position to hold know... just like daddy does.  I about died laughing.  I think it is time for daddy to start shutting the door when he goes #1 now!)

The hubby started traveling every week, so I got to experience first hand the trials of being a single mom... it blows, just in case you were wondering.  The good news, Kyle should be done with all of this in 3 WEEKS!!!

So there you have it, my year in review.  I love my crazy life, my crazy family, and my crazy friends.  I don't think 2013 will be able to top 2012... but I am sure gonna give it a try!



  1. Such a great post Traci. Happy New Year!

  2. i love YOU.

    you kill me. in a good way of course. but just in case......can i get the number of Don Juan Del Saves My Wife?

  3. So happy for you that Kyle/Daddy will be coming home in 3 weeks!! Had to giggle at the potty training story! (It WILL happen, BTW. There was a time I feared my daughter would be wearing diapers to kindergarten--but she FINALLY decided to use the big girl potty before age 3.) Happy New Year!